He is very personable and builds great relationships wherever he goes...It only took him a few months to create tighter ties with other departments then I had while being there over a year. This proved vital to resolving issues and helping different departments gel better.
— Aaron Melcher - Owner, Knockout Games
He takes his work very seriously and is extremely loyal, both to his colleagues and to the organization.
— Glenn Alexander - President, Proficient Search
Grant is by far one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met, not only for the game industry but for life in general. Grant is a smart, hard working, fast thinking, resourceful guy who never had a problem thrown his way that he couldn’t handle.
— Matt Brenner - Sr Developer
...an expert with scheduling concepts and many common tools used to schedule and track tasks.
Aside from his ability to create and maintain schedules, Grant is a people person. He works well with a wide variety of personalites.
— Deke Waters - Sr. Development Manager, Riot Games
Grant has a unique characteristic of making every activity very rewarding and fun experiences when working with him. He possesses a lot of knowledge in not only game development but also in many other relevant areas of discussions. His keen sense of when to be serious and when you can simply have fun is what separates him for the majority of the people I know. But honestly even when think get serious Grant possesses a unique characteristic of lightning the mood and keeping things comfortable and manageable.
— Hari Bhatt - Sr Developer, Showtime Networks
I believe Grant represents the next wave of great designers and producers in our industry. Aside from his creative chops and general problem-solving skills, what impressed me most about Grant was his ability to work a room of people and not just sell an idea, but rally people around it. That’s not something easily taught. It’s an x-factor.
— A.J. Russo - CCO, AMI
I was always in awe of his ability to command a room and get people on board with bright ideas. His ability to relate to multiple employees from different disciplines was unlike any I’ve seen before and it made a dramatic improvement on the production level of our project. As a team leader he earns my highest regards. Oh, and he always made sure everyone left the meeting with a smile.
— Nathan Bacheldar - Concept Artist
Probably the most impressive get-it-done guy I met through the GDC, and the first person from my GDC network I thought of for advice when I was in transition myself. Superb guy and leader among men.
— Michael Edens