• 15 years of game development experience

  • Shipped 60+ titles on 10+ platforms

  • Worked on teams as small as 3 people and as large as 200

  • Lead an international team working in 5 different locations

  • Team building, from new teams to fixing old broken ones

  • Public Speaking, Motivational Speaking

  • Two time published Author

  • Lead workshops to teach agile methodologies

  • Worked with teams and individuals to learn leadership skills

  • Managed outsourced teams and individuals

  • Video editing, and screenwriting

  • Website Creation, App Creation

  • Design & Programming

  • For a complete resume go here

Game Titles 

Below are just a few of the 60+ games I've worked on in my career. For a complete list go here!


My "Short" Bio

I first started making games when I was 12 years old, starting first with modding and programming. Since then I have filled many different roles in the game industry; programmer, lead designer, technical producer and producer. My career has taken me from casual games at Megatouch Games, to AAA shooters at id Software and to Epic Games to work on Fortnite, Paragon and Battle Breakers.

Currently I'm doing this, that's why you are here I think, Production Consulting & Contract work with all types of teams to create great games! I'm also doing Leadership Consulting for all types of companies not just game companies. I also enjoy building communities within the industry working with the IGDA and the GameDevDrinkup. On the weekends you can find me on a Rugby Pitch or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.


I had the honor to collaborate with Clinton Keith on a book about game production and leadership. We wrote and curated this book around our GDC 2017 workshop, it is a handbook for team development. You can purchase the book at advancedgamepractices.com


I love to give talks to all types of audiences, from Middle School students, to the Game Developers Conference, I love any opportunity to share my passion and learning with audiences. If you want to know check out my public speaking page!

Some places I've talked: GDC(x4), GameX, Wizard World, GCECS, PAX East, Orlando iX, IGDA Meetings, Universities, ECGC, GDA Russia, Middle/High Schools

Find Me Other Places Online

Find/follow me at any of the following places online! LinkedIn, Twitter where I tweet mostly about games, YouTube where I host several different shows/videos talking about the industry, Facebook for quick updates that are longer than twitter, My personal website for a bigger look at my resume. And lastly my blog!