Team Player > All Star Asshole

Earlier this week I read an article that I can't stop thinking about (read it here). 

After reading it again and talking with some friends (and on the Shonkventures FB page) I had to share it with you all. 

It truly is a challenge when you have someone who doesn't fit into the team, or is just an outright asshole. And sometimes you have to remove them, but that is the last thing you should do. As mentioned in the article you should of course have some crucial conversations with the individual and try to get them to improve. Sometimes the issue for them isn't actually work but something in their life, so make sure to come to the conversation humbly and ready to discuss anything. I highly suggest reading Difficult Conversations and/or Thanks for the Feedback

But what if the problem is just with the team not jelling? Well this is one of my favorite challenges and something I love to help with in my work. There are a lot of great ways to help a team bond, a few of them made it into the book, one of my favorite that I use comes from Scott Crabtree over at HappyBrainScience. It's a take on the Pecha Kucha talks, here is the practice as outlined in the book. 

As a fun exercise (not a homework assignment), have each person create a
slideshow about themselves that consists of:
• 10 Slides per person
• 10 Seconds per slide (auto advance)
• Nothing about their professional life (except schooling) and what inspired them to make games

Then have a fun event with food and drinks where everyone has a chance to go
through their slideshow. The goal is to encourage cohesion by getting people to
learn about similarities they share or interesting facts about each other.

Try this out and let me know how it goes! 

Grant Shonkwiler

PS Scott has just launched a new course on Happiness at work which I just completed and can't recommend enough. You can find it at his website

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A lot has gone on this past week and I just wanted to provide an update.

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